The Brands

Taking into consideration the constant commercial and innovative stylistic growth that characterises the inborn business spirit of the brand, Fontani has bought out some historical brands

in the world of Tuscan fashion: Modyva, Deliaferrari, Privilegio, and Edhò. The objective is that of updating the styles and fabrics while remaining true to the 100% Made in Italy production line.

Fontani collections are a reflection of ever-changing themes that express the endless colours and emotions of being a woman, and they express the elegance and the personality of the women wearing our collections. All Fontani collections are 100% Made in Italy, and a blend of fine tailoring, know-how and innovation.

Modyva, clothes that are dedicated to young, dynamic women who know how to appreciate the elegance of classical lines. The Modyva collection includes dresses, suits, skirts, trousers, jackets, wool wear, day wear, evening wear and outer wear.

Privilegio clothes that cater to trendy women who know how to surprise and excite, and who allow themselves to be outgoing and extemporaneous. The Privilegio collection, too, includes day and evening wear, skirts, trousers, jackets, wool wear, and outer wear in leather, fabric and fur.

The Deliaferrari collection caters to plus size women, but has every woman’s femininity and attention to style clearly in mind. The line is dedicated to sensuous women who are sure of themselves, and who love elegant lines.

Edhò is an outerwear line for men. Although centred on classical lines, it looks to modern fashion to offer refined, timeless models.