Our history

In a small tailor shop, Claudio, head of the Fontani family, started his business by creating outerwear, both in leather and fabric.

That was 1953 and the setting was the Florentine hills, an area known traditionally for its excellent craftsmanship.

Soon Claudio’s creations, assisted initially by his mother who was the seamstress of the town, became enormously successful, and the business grew, both in size and quality, much beyond what usually defines a simple tailor shop in a small town. In 1982, Claudio Fontani based on the success of his creations and convinced of the enormous potential his brand had on the market, left his partners and founded the Linea Fontani Company.

In 1992, with the introduction of his children into the business, and the progressive expansion in the market, a new phase was born: an increase in staff and growth in production made it important to find new headquarters.

In addition to the design and production of raincoats and leather garments, they now produced furs and shearlings: the Fontani brand saw its outerwear occupy a dominant position in the Italian market and territory.

Thanks to the drive of Paolo, Claudio’s son, Linea Fontani made its way into the international market, especially in the EEC, Russia, Japan and finally the U.S.A. In the second half of the ‘90s, income from sales abroad matched the income from Italian sales.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Linea Fontani Srl consolidated its position in the market thanks to numerous collections of day and evening wear, outerwear in leather, fur and other high quality fabrics that were innovative, original in design and produced by qualified craftsman who work exclusively in Italy.

Linea Fontani has never stopped evolving: in 2009 the company ventured, notwithstanding the difficult international economic situation, and gained by investing its resources, tripling its headquarters, hiring more employees, buying new machinery, and creating a huge showroom next to the factory and one in Russia, in September of that same year.

Believing firmly in the strength of its creations, and sure of the solidity of its economic and managerial resources, in 2010 Fontani continued to expand commercially and bought the Modyva, Privilegio and Deliaferrari brands – historical brands in the production of women’s day and evening wear.

Thus, in September of 2010, a new headquarters in Capraia F.na (FI) was inaugurated, on Via prov.le Limitese, 64.

Research done in the field of industrial technology, and Fontani’s refined style, undeniably distinctive by now, have allowed the Fontani brand to obtain enormous success and make a name for itself in the market.

All Fontani creations, from the garments, wedding dresses, leather, fur and fabric outerwear are 100%.