About us

Fontani is among the most important Italian fashion houses in the business and is well rooted in the tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship, making it a prestigious Made in Italy brand.

Thanks to the versatility of the collections and the fine quality of our garments, based on over half a century of experience, Fontani has been able to expand greatly over the years, both at a technological level, with the use of new fabrics and materials, and at an international level, branching out into new markets.

This is accompanied with the evolution of the Fontani style, which looks to the future without disregarding the great attention to detail and our love for fine execution that is rooted in the past.

Our quest for new fabrics, mixes, textures, shapes and forms, and the advancement into new frontiers in fashion have not only awarded the Fontani brand great success, but have allowed its collections to rise above the rest in a wearability that is entirely made in Italy.

And thus the Fontani Group continues to create day wear and evening wear, wedding dresses, leather outerwear, furs and original, unique fabrics.